Everything You Need to Know About the Best Rabbit Cages

If you’re like me you love your little furry friends. They give so much warmth and comfort to people who can sit there stroking their fur for hours on end. Rabbits have a special gift to give the pet owner because they are quite gentle and tame. The myth is that rabbits are shy and anti-social. Perhaps those rabbits living out in the wild are likely to run away, but if you own your own then they will be most docile and love to be handled.

Putting Your Rabbit in the Best Small Cage

Depending on how you take care of your rabbit and if you have more than one you will need a cage appropriate to house multiple ones. If you are a single rabbit owner you will be just fine with a small wire cage. This is an article that is going to cover the best small rabbit cage on the market today and why it’s so great.

small rabbit cage

You can think of your rabbit cage as a little resort for your furry friend to feel safe and protected from the outside world. Rabbits like to feel comfortable and want to know that you are giving them a space of their own to relax in. If you just let your rabbits roam around all day they might get into things you would rather they leave alone.

A simple wire cage will suffice for most rabbits and putting in a blanket and a covering blanket can make them feel super cozy. Most of these small rabbit cage designs include dual doors with one on top and one on the front so you can get access to your buddy easily. You can also remove the heavy pan that sits inside the cage to clean up the messes that your furry friend makes sometimes.

You Will Like the Simplicity a Small Rabbit Wire Cage Offers

You don’t have to get complicated with your rabbits holding pen. Rabbits are not particularly known for needing sophisticated care, like some exotic fish or reptiles require. A lot of snuggling and cuddling before bed with some carrots will be plenty of attention for your rabbit to enjoy being in his cage for the night.

Features that small rabbit cages usually come with are things like: their small size which is ideal for a single adult rabbit, a wire frame coated in epoxy, a collapsible design, and a quick and easy cleanup process with the removable pan. You will also notice that their might not be room for a litter box unless you have a dwarf sized rabbit.

Unless you’re keeping your cage outside, the epoxy coating will not rust as fast than if you keep it indoors. Even if you do keep it outside it will most likely last quite a while, but this is up to you and your personal preferences. You can get your little rabbit setup with a comfortable safe and protective cage that fits both their size and you budget.

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